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Sustainability, Environmental & Security
CII's Role in the Decarbonization of Capital Projects
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<img src="blog-box-tool-series-construc-10-10-23.png" alt="three pages side by side. the first one says construction readiness assessment and the other two are best practices"> August 30, 2023
CII Tools Blog Series: Construction
Our CII Tools blog series concludes with tools that can help with achieving zero injuries, implementing constructability, and improving and sustaining project readiness
Global Procurement and Materials Management August 18, 2023
CII Tools Blog Series: Materials Management and Procurement
CII offers useful guides that assist with Materials Management and Procurement.
Industrial Modularization, Five solution elements July 21, 2023
CII Tools Blog Series: Planning and Scheduling
Learn about CII Tools that can help you with Planning and Scheduling.
2022 Research Focus Areas July 17, 2023
2022 Research - 9 Focus Areas
​CII prioritizes research in nine focus areas.
A collection of the top CII tool blogs July 13, 2023
CII Tools Blog Series: Alignment, Scope and Risk (Part 2)
Our Top CII Tools blog series continues with MORE TOOLS to help with the Alignment, Scope and Risk of your projects.
Celebrating 40 years of collaboration June 08, 2023
Our Founding Members
CII is celebrating 40 years of partnership thanks in large part to Our Charter Members.
CII 2023 Academic Selection April 20, 2023
Announcing the CII 2023 Academic Selection for New CII Research Teams
We are pleased to announce five new research teams and the selection of academics, following a competitive selection process.
Four images showing the publications released December 02, 2022
Latest CII Research Publications - Now Available
Explore seven of CII's freshest research publications of 2022.
November 14, 2022
CII's 2022-2023 Ideation Process
Identifying new research topics is the first and most critical step to generating value for CII members. This year, we designed an ideation process to leverage member input to select and prioritize the 2023 line-up for R&D.
A woman speaking in a conference room with a group of people listening at round tables November 07, 2022
CII Idea Generation for the 2023 Initiatives
CII initiatives idea-generation process was launched at the 2022 Annual Conference. Since then, we have collected, evaluated and prioritized more than 300 ideas.
Headshot of John Strickland January 25, 2022
Announcing New Co-Chair of the AWP + Lean Subcommittee Joint Working Group
We are pleased to welcome John Strickland with Burns & McDonnell as Co-Chair of the AWP + Lean Subcommittee Joint Working Group!
Four images showing the publications released December 10, 2021
Latest CII Research Publications - Now Available
Explore eight of CII's freshest research publications of 2021.
Graph showing size of global offsite/modular construction market September 08, 2021
Planning for the Future with Modularization and Offsite Construction
Learn about the CII Modularization Community for Business Advancement's currently active research topic on the future execution strategy for industrial capital projects.
Data warehouse August 02, 2021
CII Data Warehouse Launches
CII's Data Warehouse is a first-of-its-kind benchmarking and research platform that was built with high performance computing in mind.
Headshot of Tricia Thibodeaux June 23, 2021
Member Highlight: Tricia Thibodeaux, Fluor Corporation
We are excited to shine a quarterly spotlight on certain individuals who have been integral in advancing CII initiatives. This quarter, we recognize Tricia Thibodeaux, Executive Director, Global HSE, Fluor.
Research Makes Editor's Choice June 22, 2021
University of Texas Engineering School's Research Paper Selected by Prestigious ASCE Journal
Paper Features CII's Technology & Innovation Committee's VR Project!
Three triangles with text that says The Lifecycle Triple Bottom Line Approach May 18, 2021
Lifecycle Triple Bottom Line Approach for Evaluating High-Performance Building System Investments
The CII Facilities and Healthcare Committee explains how, ultimately, the Life Cycle Triple Bottom Line approach provides a more complete picture for evaluating high-performance building system investments.
January 26, 2021
Global Growth of Modularization
Companies are looking to CII and other associations to provide simple practical guides on what is required to implement modularization on projects.
November 08, 2019
CII's 2019 Research Publications - Now Available
​We are glad to announce our latest releases. CII members can download these resources from our website for free, and non-members can purchase most of them.
Distinguished Service Award October 22, 2019
Tricia Thibodeaux Receives 2019 Distinguished Service Award
Tricia Thibodeaux is an exemplary leader and a true supporter of CII’s mission and vision.
February 08, 2019
More of the Latest CII Research Publications - Now Available
CII has released more of the latest research, including a Construction Readiness Assessment (CSA) tool and publications on Improving Frontline Supervision, Productivity Metrics, Improved Integration of the Supply Chain, and Safety Performance.
A woman in glasses speaking with two men listening January 31, 2019
Research to Drive Innovation through AWP
CII Launches Research Program to Drive Innovation through AWP.
December 10, 2018
CII's Latest Research Publications - Now Available
Many thanks to our members and research teams for making 2018 a strong year at CII! The latest research is now available!
Implementation resource 331-2 May 03, 2018
Researchers from Arizona State Win Award for New CII Research
Research Team 331 won the CRC Best Paper Award out of 374 papers presented.
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