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PDRI for Industrial Projects

PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index -- Industrial Projects, Version 5.0

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Jul 01, 2019
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Research from RT-113 is unique in that it supports two CII Best Practices: Front End Planning and Alignment.

Research has proven that project success is greater when an increased level of pre-project planning is used. Value includes:

  • Increased predictability of cost and schedule
  • Reduced probability of project failures
  • Improved operational performance
  • Better achievement of business goals
  • Better definition of risks
  • Fewer scope changes

As organizational structures continue to downsize, decentralize, and out-source through partnering with outside organizations, project teams have become more autonomous and responsible for the planning process. As a project is passed from the business group to engineering, operations, and contractors, the original objectives are sometimes lost. Achieving and maintaining alignment is a key factor for successful project planning in this demanding environment. Alignment during pre-project planning is also critical to project success.

Proper scope definition and alignment during pre-project planning will greatly improve both the cost and cycle time needed to design and construct capital facilities. 

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Front End Planning
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