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AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects and Organizations

Publication No
Final Report
Publication Date
Sep 01, 2023
Research Team
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With this effort, RT-390 aimed to guide practitioners as they work to adopt or mature their AWP program to gain the benefits that can come from successful implementation. This work contributes to the AWP body or knowledge in the following ways:

  • Providing guidance to owners and early implementers
  • Providing guidance to project stakeholders for AWP execution per discipline
  • Providing enterprise-level considerations for AWP implementation
  • Providing supporting evidence of AWP benefits on early planning and execution, and changes during engineering observed through an industry survey

Reader’s Guide

RT-390 developed this report as a collection of self-contained modules to facilitate the reader’s access to information based on personal goals and interests. Final Report 390 consists of seven self-contained modules (see Figure 1).

Figure 1
. The Elements of Final Report 390

The AWP Review and Owner’s Guide is the starting point for readers. It includes an overview of AWP, including special considerations for owners. This module distills AWP knowledge from previous work and addresses gaps in AWP adoption and how users can yield the expected benefits.

The AWP Handbooks provide guidance for successful implementation per discipline:

  • Handbook A: Preliminary Planning and Design
  • Handbook B: Detailed Engineering
  • Handbook C: Construction Execution, Testing, and Completions
  • Handbook D: Commissioning and Startup
  • Handbook E: Procurement and Supply Chain Process

Each modular handbook explains how to perform the work for one stage, informing practitioners, as well as key project stakeholders like EPC contractors, owners, and suppliers. Each handbook is self-contained; however, together the complete set offers a granular view of the process steps required for AWP success throughout the project lifecycle.

Finally, the Enterprise Guide presents considerations for enterprise adoption of AWP, including evidence for the expected benefits, barriers, and definitions.

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