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The following calendar offers an overview of upcoming CII events. To see the same information sorted by core process, visit CII Calendar by Area.


Date Event Location Contact
Oct 28, 2015 CII Clinic: Improving Capital Project Delivery
Calgary, Alberta Donna Rinehart
Oct 28–29, 2015 CII Performance Assessment Training
Houston, TX Frances DeCoux
Nov 2–4, 2015 Research Committee Mtg
Bonita Springs, FL Kristi Delaney
Nov 3, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting
Bonita Springs, FL Terri Buvia
Nov 3–4, 2015 Board of Advisors Fall Meeting
Bonita Springs, FL CII Member Meeting
Jan 11–22, 2016 2016 CII Executive Leadership Program
Austin, TX Donna Rinehart
Jan 26–27, 2016 2016 CII Leadership Meeting
Austin, TX Terri Buvia
Jan 27–28, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting
Austin, TX Terri Buvia
Apr 6, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting
Denver, CO Terri Buvia
Apr 6–7, 2016 Board of Advisors Spring Meeting
Denver, CO Kelly Lenig
Jun 21–22, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting
Houston, TX Terri Buvia
Aug 1–3, 2016 2016 CII Annual Conference
National Harbor, MD Kelly Lenig
Aug 3, 2016 Executive Committee Dinner Meeting
National Harbor, MD Terri Buvia
Sep 27–28, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting
Oklahoma City, OK Terri Buvia
Jul 31 – Aug 2, 2017 2017 CII Annual Conference
Orlando, FL Kelly Lenig

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